This is your safe space to learn your first melody, know music
and go on a transformative journey to


Learn your favorite instrument, with your favorite teacher, in your favorite tribe!

“Babu moshai, zindagi badi honi chahiye lambi nahi”

Why us?

We help the learners build an attitude towards learning.
One of the most beautiful things that human beings do is playing music instruments. Finding a teacher who is motivating, gets you excited to learn, helps you practice by simply jamming with you and welcomes you in a tribe that has a culture of nourishment and celebration, is a dream for many.
But not for you. With us, your music journey is taken care of by experts!
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Learn keyboard, vocals and guitar
from the best teachers of our country!
Choose the plan that gets you closer to your goal.

1:1 LIVE

For beginners and intermediate learners, teachers focus on building an attitude towards learning.

Performance live

For advance learners, teachers focus on self-expression and showmanship.


Our teachers have taken over 10,000 students on the journey of music.

We know why students choose to learn an instrument.

We know how they feel when they play their first melody.
We take that pinch of motivation and provide a transformational journey to the student that they relish for a life time.
No more the same old.


“Mogambo khush hua!”

Just incase you’re wondering

“Kitne aadmi the?”

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Our teachers are like parents and as you may know, parents are always busy.
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Ja Simran ja, jee le apni zindagi.